#askgeorge we said …and you did!

We gave you the chance to #askgeorge anything you wanted and you took us at face value! [more]

#askgeorge we said …and you did!

We gave you the chance to #askgeorge anything you wanted and you took us at face value!

The world's most capped rugby player, Wallaby legend George Gregan, took on the top 10 questions from dozens submitted by Lions fans and smiled his way through them all.

Lions fans on Facebook and Twitter, entered into the spirit of things and conjured up a fantastically wide range of questions. The ‘Top 10’, picked at random by HSBC Lions Ambassador George, will all qualify for a prize.

We filmed all George's answers, so just click here to watch the exclusive video.

Here are the questions we put to George Gregan on your behalf. It was a lot of fun!

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Q. If there is one game you could play again from your career, what game would it be?
– Ethan Luke Griffiths (via www.facebook.com/BritishandIrishLions)

Q. How long can you hold your breath for?
– Douglas Luke, Falkirk. (via www.facebook.com/BritishandIrishLions)

Q.  Who was the most intimidating Lion you faced?
– Eunan Hendron, Philadelphia. (via www.facebook.com/BritishandIrishLions)

Q. If you were a biscuit, what biscuit would you be and why?
– Suzanne Crawford (via @lionsofficial)

Q. How many Weetabix does he actually have for breakfast?
– Tomas O’Neill (via www.facebook.com/BritishandIrishLions)

Q. George, where is the best stadium you have played at in the world and why?
– Claire M, Brisbane (via www.facebook.com/BritishandIrishLions)

Q. Which was the sweeter victory, winning the world cup 1999 or beating the lions 2001?
– Zac Holmes (via @lionsofficial)

Q. Will the lions will win the series 3-0 or 2-1 next summer?
– David Taylor (via @lionsofficial)

Q. Would you rather be attacked by a horse sized duck or a dozen duck sized horses?
– Gareth Owens (via @lionsofficial)

Q. Jonny Wilkinson to tour?
– Real Cinny (via @lionsofficial)

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