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British & Irish Lions Freelance Writers Project

British & Irish Lions Freelance Writers Project

This is a tough time for everyone working in sport – but particularly for those in the freelance industry.

Many hard-working and talented journalists rely on live sport to work, and have seen their income dry up in recent weeks.

Without them, audiences all over the world would miss out on some of the most entertaining, inspiring and insightful stories in rugby.

Now, it is more important than ever to share these stories with rugby supporters as the game we all love is put on hold in the short term.

At the British & Irish Lions, as part of our efforts to help out in any way possible, we’re looking for established freelance journalists (writers and broadcasters) to write long-form articles for lionsrugby.com.

These pieces can be on any subject or person related to the Lions, and in any format – we’d be interested in interview, opinion, personal memoir, research or history-based editorial.

In particular, we’re looking for new angles, previously uncovered stories and fresh takes on the long and storied history of the Lions.

If you know someone who you’d like to see get involved, tag them here. Or, if you are interested yourself, email office@lionsrugby.com.





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