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Eanna Falvey


Eanna Falvey



Director of Sports Medicine at the Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin and Senior Lecturer in Sports & Exercise Medicine, University College Cork, Dr Eanna Falvey has been involved in the medical care of elite athletes for more than 15 years, working in rugby, football, boxing and Australian Rules football.

Part of the medical team in Australia in 2013, he was team doctor to the Irish rugby team from 2009-2015 and doctor with Munster Rugby for four years from 2003-2007.

Dr Falvey was the Irish Amateur Boxing Association high performance unit physician from 2009 to 20015 during a period of unrivalled success for Irish boxing, maintaining a link to his own sporting past where he was National Amateur Heavyweight and Superheavyweight boxing champion, representing Ireland at the 2001 AIBA World Senior Boxing Championships. He is a member of the World Rugby Concussion working group.

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