Lions Rugby Travel and Official Sub Agents

If you are looking to buy ticket inclusive travel packages for the British and Irish Lions Tour to Australia in 2025, you should always buy from official sources.

There are only a small number of official sellers who are authorised to sell ticket-inclusive packages to Test matches, and these sellers are listed below.

Any company that is not listed below will be selling tickets illegally and you may have your tickets cancelled, be refused entry or be ejected from the ground. We accept no responsibility if you travel to Australia having purchased tickets from an unofficial source and you are unable to enter the stadium.

Official Sellers can use the badges below and are a source of guaranteed official match tickets.

Lions Rugby Travel | Tour With Us

Official Sub Agents:

Sports Breaks

Gullivers Sports Travel

Rugby Travel Ireland

Only Official Sub Agents can use the badge below:

Below is a list of unauthorised sellers – do not buy Lions AU 2025 Tickets from these sellers

All websites listed below are unauthorised sellers and should not be used to purchase ticket inclusive travel packages for a Lions Tour under any circumstances. Individual ticket listings are likely to be well above the original face value, and any tickets sold will not be valid for use. You may have your tickets cancelled, be refused entry or ejected from the ground. Lions Rugby is unable to provide any refunds for tickets purchased from any unauthorised resellers.

The following list, whilst comprehensive, is not exhaustive, particularly as new sites are constantly being created. If in any doubt, please contact us at with full details.