1. The British & Irish Lions Designated Activity Company, a designated activity company incorporated in the Republic of Ireland under registration number 318999, whose registered office is at First Floor, Block B, Simmons Court House, Simmons Court Road, Dublin 4, Republic of Ireland (“Lions”) is inviting applicants to apply for grant funding ahead of its 2027 Tour to New Zealand. The grants will be paid by the Lions, with funding provided to the Lions by The Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales (company number 99064) and having its registered office at 80 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 4BY (“Royal London”), as the founding partner to the Lions Women’s team and inaugural tour taking place in 2027.
  2. The application process is open exclusively to amateur, non-professional clubs (each a “rugby club”) registered with either the Rugby Football Union; Irish Rugby Football Union; Scotland Rugby or The Welsh Rugby Union respectively (collectively the “Home Unions”). Only one application shall be permitted per rugby club. Automated applications, bulk applications or third-party applications will be disqualified.
  3. Up to four grants will be awarded, each being a single payment of £10,000 (each a “Grant”) and a trophy.  A rugby club will only be eligible for one Grant.
  4. By submitting an application for a Grant, applicants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and any other requirements set out in any associated materials provided as part of the application process.
  5. Neither the Lions or Royal London will have any responsibility for, and will not accept, any applications that are lost, delayed, incomplete, illegible, damaged or corrupted (including as a result of postal delays, technical issues with mobile, tablet, computer, or connectivity issues, or technical issues with the Lions’ website).
  6. To enter, applicants are required to provide their name and email address, the name and address of their rugby club, their position held within the rugby club and the total number of teams in the rugby club, and answer a series of short questions designed to assess the level of activity the rugby club already commits to supporting women and girls’ rugby. Applications should also include a short paragraph detailing the area of need and the impact that the donation would have on the rugby club.
  7. The grant funding shall open to applications at 9am on 18 June 2024 and shall close to applications at 5pm on 19 August 2024.
  8. Applications may be made by completing the online form at https://lionsrugby.com/championing-women-and-girls-rugby-award. The applications must be completed, submitted and received before the stated deadline. Only original and legible applications will be accepted.
  9. Applications will each be scored by Lions and Royal London against a predetermined list of criteria to produce a shortlist of up to three rugby clubs per Home Union (i.e. a total of 12 applications will be shortlisted). Such shortlist will be based on a rugby club demonstrating significant existing commitment to women and girls’ rugby, clearly identifying areas within which it would like to enhance its women and girls’ offering, and the impact the Grant would have. The shortlisted rugby clubs will then be judged by a panel of four judges (consisting of representatives from the Lions, Royal London and an independent member). Shortlisted applicants will not be notified that they have been shortlisted. The panel are expected to make their decisions within 10 working days of the grant funding closing date. The decision of the panel of judges shall be final.
  10. The Lions and Royal London reserve the right to cancel the award of Grants. In the event of such cancellation, applicants shall be notified within 7 days of cancellation. In such event, applicants will be notified by email using the email address supplied in the submission. The Lions and Royal London shall not be liable for any costs, losses or damages whatsoever as a result of cancellation of the award of Grants.
  11. Applicants agree that the Lions and Royal London may rely on such details as are provided by applicants when applying for grant funding. The Lions and Royal London accept no liability or responsibility for loss of any kind arising out of or in connection with the submission of incorrect personal details by applicants for grant funding. Should a court or equivalent authority deem this clause to be unenforceable in whole or in part, the aggregate liability of the Lions and Royal London shall under no circumstances exceed the cash value of one Grant.
  12. Applicants agree to grant the Lions and Royal London a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable licence for the full period of any intellectual property rights in the grant funding application and any accompanying materials, to use, display, publish, transmit, copy, edit, alter, adapt, store, re-format, and sub-licence the grant funding entry and any accompanying materials for grant funding publicity or for any purposes determined by the Lions and/or Royal London. The Lions and Royal London will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that name credits are given to any applications published by it in any medium.


  13. The terms and conditions set out in clauses 14 to 23 will apply only to those applicants who are chosen to receive a Grant (“successful applicants”)
  14. The successful applicants(s) will be notified by email using the email provided in the application process no later than five days after the successful applicants have been selected. It is the responsibility of the successful applicant to check their spam/junk/voicemail/message requests for such notification. If the Lions and/or Royal London are not able to contact a successful applicant or obtain their details in order to deliver a Grant within 14 days of attempting to do so, the applicant shall forfeit their entitlement to the Grant.  In such event, the Lions and Royal London reserve the right to (but are not obliged to) select an alternative applicant from the list of valid applications.
  15. The successful applicants must provide their full name and address (or their email address if applicable) and bank account details of the rugby club for the Grant to be delivered to. The successful applicant will receive the Grant within 60 days of receipt of the required information. Successful applicants are responsible for ensuring they have provided the Lions and/or Royal London with correct and accurate details for Grant delivery – replacement Grants will not be issued.
  16. By accepting the Grant, each successful applicant agrees to:a) use the Grant only for the purposes set out in the application;b) use the Grant only for costs incurred after the date of the Grant offer letter;c) provide the Lions and Royal London with any information and reports they request about the Grant and its impact on the rugby club;

    d) let the Lions know promptly about any significant issues or delays which affect the use of the Grant or about any fraud, other impropriety, mismanagement or misuse in relation to the Grant or any legal claim and/or investigation made or threatened against the rugby club, or any member of the rugby club;

    e) advance equality of opportunities in line with the law and any guidelines issued by the Lions and/or Royal London;

    f) if the Grant is for a salary of a new post, carry out a fair and open recruitment process;

    g) acknowledge the Lions and Royal London’s funding using their logos in accordance with any relevant guidelines for recognising the Grant, as agreed with Lions and/or Royal London from time to time;

    h)hold the Grant in a UK or Ireland-based account or building society account, which is in the legal name of the rugby club that is receiving a Grant;

    i)immediately return any part of the Grant that is not used for the purposes outlined in the application;

    j)keep records of how the Grant is spent and provide the Lions on request with copies of those records and evidence of expenditure of the Grant such as original paper or electronic receipts, invoices, and bank statements;

    k)co-operate with any research or evaluation-related activities which the Lions and/or Royal London carry out and further confirm that they may use any part of the rugby club’s application for research or evaluation purposes.

  17.     All Grants are non-exchangeable and non-transferable. Successful applicants are responsible for any tax liability they incur as a result of accepting a Grant.
  18.    The Grant will be paid directly by the Lions to the rugby club via bank transfer. The rugby club must have a UK or Republic of Ireland bank account. The Lions will conduct such due diligence (which the rugby club must pass) and make payment on Royal London’s instruction.
  19. The successful applicant acknowledges that the Lions and Royal London are entitled to suspend or terminate the Grant and/or require repayment of all or any of the Grant and/or impose additional conditions in the following situations:a) The successful applicant provides the Lions and/or Royal London with false or misleading information, either on application or after award of the Grant, acts dishonestly, or is under investigation by a regulatory body or the police.b) The successful applicant does something that brings the Lions and/or Royal London into disrepute.c)The successful applicant enters into administration, liquidation, receivership, dissolution or, in Scotland, have their organisation’s estate sequestrated.d)

    The successful applicant ceases operating as a rugby club and/or is no longer registered with a Home Union.

    e) The successful applicant receives any Grant money incorrectly either as a result of an administrative error or otherwise.

    f) The successful applicant fails the due diligence referred to in clause 18.

  20. The successful applicant acknowledges that:a) by accepting this Grant:i) their organisation is able to deliver the outcomes described in their application; andii) the Grant is not consideration for any taxable supply for VAT purposes;b) the Grant is for the successful applicant’s use only and the successful applicant may not share or transfer the Grant (or any part of it) to anyone else unless approved by the Lions and Royal London. If the Lions and Royal London agree to the successful applicant sharing or transferring the Grant, the successful applicant is responsible for ensuring that their partners and other recipients of the Grant accept and comply with these terms and conditions and follow any guidance issued by the Lions and/or Royal London. If they fail to do so, the Lions and Royal London may exercise their rights in clause 19, including to terminate the Grant and require repayment. The successful applicant must enter into a legally binding agreement, with anyone with whom they share the Grant and provide the Lions and Royal London with a copy on request;

    c) the successful applicant acknowledges that the Lions and Royal London will not increase the Grant if the successful applicant spends more than the agreed budget on the outcomes outlined in the application and the Lions and Royal London can only guarantee the Grant as long as they continue to operate and have sufficient funds;d) the Lions and Royal London have no liability for any costs or consequences incurred by the successful applicant or third parties that arise either directly or indirectly from the project, nor from non-payment or withdrawal of the Grant, save to the extent required by law.

  21. The Lions and Royal London reserve the right (in their sole discretion) to disqualify and/or refuse to award the Grant to anyone in breach of these terms and conditions. If such an event arises after an applicant is selected, the Lions and Royal London reserve the right to (but are not obliged to) select an alternative successful applicant from the list of valid applications.
  22. The Lions and Royal London may publish the name and details of the rugby club and their successful application on its website, promotional announcements, social media posts and any other relevant promotional material. This will include reasonable publicity in the legitimate interests of the Lions and Royal London.
  23. To the extent permitted by law, the Lions and Royal London or their agents will not in any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate the successful applicant or accept any liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of the applicant taking up or enjoying the Grant except where it is caused by the negligence of the Lions and Royal London, their agents or their respective employees.
  24. The Lions and Royal London may use personal details submitted by applicants when applying for the grant funding or subsequently provided for the purposes of administering the grant funding or as otherwise stated in these terms and conditions. Applicants’ personal data shall be used and processed solely in accordance with relevant data protection legislation. Applicants’ personal data shall only be disclosed to those third parties who require it for the purposes of administering the application process, and it will not be disclosed to any other third party without the explicit consent of the applicants concerned. Royal London may share applicants’ personal data within the Royal London Group where necessary. You can find out more about the Royal London Group of companies at: www.royallondon.com/legal/companies. The Lions and Royal London may use or disclose personal or other data relating to entrants where permitted or required by law or statute, court or equivalent authority of competent jurisdiction or regulation or where the applicant or applicants concerned have consented. Find out more at: Partnership Competitions Privacy Policy – Royal London and https://www.lionsrugby.com/legal-notice-privacy-policy
  25. If any provision of these terms and conditions are determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, then the affected provision shall be severed and deleted from these terms and conditions and the remaining provisions shall survive and remain in full force and effect.
  26. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.