The 1888 Cup

The British & Irish Lions v Argentina

Friday 20 June 2025 at Aviva Stadium, Dublin, kick-off time 20:00hrs.


  1. Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions, the following words will have the following meanings:


  • BIL” means British & Irish Lions Designated Activity Company, registered number 742579 and having its registered office at Simmonscourt House, Simmonscourt Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland;
  • Conditions of Entry” means: (i) these Terms and Conditions; and (ii) the Ground Rules; and (iii) any additional guidance provided by BIL prior to Match day;
  • Ground Rules” means any ground rules issued by the Stadium from time-to-time setting out the terms and conditions upon which spectators are granted admission to the Stadium (which are published at;
  • IRFU” means the Irish Rugby Football Union, which is the entity responsible for Stadium management in the period leading up to, during and after the Match;
  • Match” means the 1888 Cup between The British & Irish Lions and Argentina, on Friday 20 June 2025 at Aviva Stadium, Dublin, kick-off time 20:00hrs.
  • Package” means the supply of a Ticket with additional benefit(s) including but not limited to retail items, accommodation, food, drink, hospitality or travel;
  • Stadium” means Aviva Stadium, Dublin and its surrounding grounds occupied by BIL for the purposes of staging the Match;
  • Terms and Conditions” means these terms and conditions governing the issue and use of Tickets;
  • Ticket” means a ticket for admission to a Match;
  • you” means the holder of a Ticket (being the purchaser or an assignee of the purchaser, as relevant), (and “your” will be construed accordingly).


  1. Contract
  • Wheelchair users and/or customers with specific additional accessibility requirements who would like to purchase tickets please telephone the dedicated customer services team at IRFU on


  • The Conditions of Entry govern how a Ticket is sold to you and entry to the Stadium is made available. These Terms and Conditions apply to Tickets sold on behalf of BIL through BIL’s authorised agents or distributors.


  • The application, allocation, purchase or transfer of a Ticket to you constitutes your acceptance of the Conditions of Entry and Ticketmaster’s Purchase Policy.


  • You agree that by applying for, purchasing and/or using a Ticket, any personal information (such as your name or email address) provided as part of that process is accurate and up to date and you agree that BIL will collect and process your personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy.


  • Your Ticket purchase constitutes a personal, revicable licence and, at all times, remains the property of BIL.


  • There is a purchase limit of two (2) tickets per person and per payment card for this event, unless otherwise specified at the time of sale. Purchasers who exceed the ticket limit may have any or all of their orders and tickets cancelled without notice by Ticketmaster at its sole discretion. This includes orders associated with the same name, e-mail address, billing address, payment card number or other information. Ticketmaster will notify you if this occurs.


  • All Tickets will be issued digitally and each attendee will be required to have their own digital ticket. Digital tickets for children and/or for those people with accessibility requirements attending a Match with a companion are not required to be on a separate device.


  • BIL may apply a fee in addition to the Ticket price to cover the costs associated with processing and issuing Tickets purchased (including delivery and distribution costs to reflect the method of Ticket delivery). Any such fees are non- refundable and will be clearly set out during the Ticket purchase process.


  • The Stadium is a “Designated Venue” for the purposes of the Sale of Tickets (Cultural, Entertainment, Recreational and Sporting Events) Act 2021 and all Tickets are subject to the provisions and prohibitions set out therein. As a result, and for the avoidance of doubt, the Match is a “Relevant Event” as defined under the Act and the sale of a Ticket for a price exceeding the original sale price is prohibited.



  1. Transfers/Sales


  • Accompanying persons – if you have purchased or obtained more than one Ticket, you will be required to transfer the additional Ticket(s) to a person that accompanies you to the Match (a “Transferee”) provided that:


  • the Transferee is known to you personally and the Ticket is for the personal use of the Transferee;
  • the Ticket is not transferred or sold for an amount which is above face value;
  • the Ticket remains subject to the Conditions of Entry and the Conditions of Entry shall apply to the Transferee as if the Transferee was the original purchaser; and
  • the transfer or sale does not take place in the course of any business or for the purpose of facilitating any third party’s business.


  • Any breach of Section 3.1 will be deemed to be a material breach and if you are found to have committed such a breach then your Tickets will be cancelled without refund.


  • No Ticket may be offered, gifted or used as a prize, or as part of a competition, or for any other promotional or similar activity unless BIL (in its absolute discretion) has given its prior written consent to do so.


  • No Ticket may be included, sold or offered as part of a Package or other similar activity or as part of any hospitality or travel or other commercial package unless BIL (in its absolute discretion) has given its prior written consent to do so.


  • No Ticket may be sold on any secondary website or secondary ticketing provider or auction site. Any Tickets found to have been offered on a secondary site will be cancelled and made void.


  1. Changes to Date or Venue, Refunds and Exchange


  • BIL will have no liability to you in the event that the date, location and time of the Match is subject to alteration.


  • BIL will publicise any changes to the date, location and time of the Match as far in advance as possible via its website and on social media channels. You should check these sources regularly to be aware of any updates relating to the Match.


  • If, due to circumstances outside BIL’s reasonable control, the Match is postponed, abandoned or relocated (for example, due to adverse weather conditions), please ensure you retain the Ticket you were originally issued. You may be entitled to attend the re-arranged Match using the same Ticket but BIL does not accept any other liability to you in these circumstances and entry to any alternative venue will be subject to any ground regulations in place at that venue.


  • If a Match is abandoned after 60 minutes, the Match will not be re-played, and you will not be entitled to a refund of your Ticket.


  • If a Match is cancelled and not subsequently re-arranged, or requires to be played behind closed doors, you will be entitled to a refund of the face value of your Ticket.


  1. Admission and Conduct at Venue


  • Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult aged eighteen (18) years or over. Children under the age of two (2) will be admitted to the Stadium free of charge if they are accompanied by an adult with a valid Ticket.


  • By entering the Stadium you consent to being searched by any official, steward, representative or employee of IRFU or BIL for health and safety or security reasons. If you refuse to comply with a request to be searched then you may be turned away and not allowed to enter the Stadium.


  • You should note that there may be a bag policy in operation at the Match, further details of which will be publicised before the Match.


  • Recording footage of the Match using professional recording equipment is prohibited (provided that mobile telephones may be used for personal and private use.


  • BIL and/or or its commercial partners may take photos and recordings of spectators attending the Stadium and this may include you, and your entry into the Stadium is confirmation that you have consented to such use. If you are under 16 years of age then either the parent or guardian who is accompanying you shall be deemed to have provided consent on your behalf. BIL and/or its commercial partners (as the case may be) shall own all rights in these images and footage and will be entitled to use these:


  • for promotional purposes; and
  • for any other purpose deemed reasonable by BIL.


  • If you leave the Stadium at any time on a Match day, you will not be entitled to re-enter except where BIL or IRFU expressly approves such re-entry.


  • BIL and/or the IRFU may, in its reasonable discretion, relocate you to an alternative seat for the Match or part of the Match.


  • While at the Stadium, if you encounter any issue you must make an official, steward, representative or employee of BIL, IRFU or any An Garda Síochána member aware.


  1. Cancellation & Withdrawal of Tickets


  • Ticket purchases are final and cancellation will not be allowed without the consent of BIL and/or IRFU. No refunds will be offered in the event that you decide not to attend the Match.


  • Any Ticket that is used in breach of the Conditions of Entry will be treated as void, all rights conferred by that Ticket will be nullified and no refund will be due to you.


  • Any conduct by you that is in breach of the Conditions of Entry will nullify yout Ticket, may lead to your ejection from the Stadium, and no refund will be due to you.


  • Individuals who have been banned from attending matches by competent authorities or sports governing bodies in any jurisdiction, or who are considered as a security risk, are prohibited from entering or remaining in the Stadium and no refund will be due to them.


  • While at the Stadium you agree to behave in a reasonable, responsible and lawful manner and to comply with any applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and the instructions of any official, steward, representative or employee of BIL and/or IRFU or any member of An Garda Síochána. You must not conduct yourself in any way that could bring BIL, IRFU, the Stadium or the sport of rugby union into disrepute. No refunds will be given in any of these circumstances.


  • If you commit a trespass, reasonable force may be used to prevent, restrain or terminate any trespass. Unauthorised contact with the boundary wall surrounding the pitch, incursion on the pitch or climbing a floodlight or other pylon, stand or other building, constitutes a trespass to property.


  1. General


  • Any delay by BIL or failure to enforce any of the Conditions of Entry does not imply any waivor by BIL of its right to do so.


  • BIL will be entitled to assign any of its rights and obligations under the Conditions of Entry, including to the IRFU, provided that your rights are not adversely affected.


  1. Liability and Governing Law


  • Whilst in the Stadium you remain solely responsible for your own safety and the safety of any accompanying children.


  • To the maximum extent permitted by law, BIL excludes any liability for any loss, injury or damage to persons or property in or around the Stadium.


  • BIL and/or the IRFU will not be responsible for any interruptions and/or restrictions to your view of the Match caused by: (i) the position of your seat; or (ii) the actions of other spectators; or (iii) the actions of any official, steward, representative, match personnel or employee of BIL, the IRFU or the emergency services.


  • BIL’s total liability to you arising in connection with the Conditions of Entry will be limited to a sum equal to the total face value of your Ticket.


  • Nothing in these Terms and Conditions will serve to exclude or limit BIL’s liability to you in respect of death or personal injury caused by or arising from BIL’s negligence, or fraud.


  • These Terms and Conditions and the Conditions of Entry are governed by Irish Law and any dispute relating to them will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.
  • If it is found by a court of competent jurisdiction that any of the Conditions of Entry cannot be enforced for any reason, this will not prevent the other provisions from continuing to apply.


  1. Contact Us


  • Any queries regarding your Ticket and/or attendance at the Match should be directed to the IRFU at